Reviews for Tales from the Back Bumper

"This book will appeal to a popular audience and to historians who are interested in government agencies, bureaucratic monitoring, and the everyday iconography of British Columbia."

—Ben Bradley, BCStudies

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"This is not just a book of licence plate illustrations; it is a fascinating history of BC, automobiles, government regulations, travel, and transportation. . . A well documented, well illustrated book."

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The book is full of interesting stories and facts . . . a wonderful gift for any vehicle enthusiast. . . . I don’t want to give away all of the incredible research that has gone into this fascinating book, so I suggest you buy a copy. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it from cover to cover.

—Nigel Matthews, the Province

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What a treat! Who knew our humble licence plates were once made of leather—even porcelin? Who knew that a handful of letters and digits could tell so many stories? From WE-LOG to MY-XTC—a century's worth of wacky licence plates from Canada's wackiest province.

—Arthur Black, author and broadcaster

Much more than a list of colors, photos, and tables of types, this book sets a new level for a history book around a jurisdiction . . . this is a must-have for every collector.

—Jeff Minard, Plates magazine