John W. White

Chief Superintendent John W. White, retired, served in the RCMP from 1950 to 1985 in “E” Division (British Columbia) and “B” Division (Newfoundland). In 1962, he was one of many to respond to the murder of three RCMP members at Kamloops, BC, resulting in a shoot out with the assailant and a Commissioner’s Commendation for White. He was also awarded the Canada Centennial Medal in 1967, a second Commendation for a murder investigation in 1968, the Queen’s Jubilee Medal in 1977, and the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal with Gold Clasp. After he retired, he began compiling service histories of all Force members since 1873, now a valuable resource for historians. “My co-author, Bill Hulgaard, and I have not forgotten the unending search of history. In our continuing search, we have compiled over 100 additional items, some not previously found while others were named for members and events since the publication of our book.” -John White, December 2009