Bloom Where You Are Planted

50 Conversations with Inspiring British Columbians

By (author): Beka Shane Denter
ISBN 9781772034295
Hardcover | Publication Date: October 4, 2022
Book Dimensions: 8.5 in. x 10 in.
224 Pages

About the Book

A celebration of fifty talented, creative, passionate people (forty-nine women and one nonbinary person) working in the fields of visual art, dance, photography, music, design, comedy, storytelling, food, fashion, beauty, wellness, and advocacy.

Bloom Where You Are Planted is a collection of interviews and photography that honours a group of innovative, hard-working, diverse people, whose creative and business ventures inspire, support, and infuse others’ lives with purpose and positivity. These are people who are passionate about work, community, and giving back.


The forty-nine women and one non-binary person featured in this book have established a strong community of supporters and followers in their respective sectors. Among those featured are: Haida and Cree artist and entrepreneur Erin Brillon; singer-songwriter Julianna Laine; dancer Erika Mitsuhashi; nonbinary model and writer Lydia Okello; storyteller and entrepreneur Samantha Reynolds; cosmetic chemist Veerpal Sdihu; sculptor Marie Khourie; artist Athena Bax; pastry chef Kiko Nakata; Hip Hop/R&B recording artist Kia Kadiri; and author/illustrator Emma FitzGerald.


After a decade of writing and interviewing fascinating people, author Beka Shane Denter realized that the true stories of women and nonbinary people are often left untold or presented in an overly polished way. In this collection, she explores the story behind the person, the movement, the voice, the words, the images, and the brand. Bloom Where You Are Planted infuses positivity into a world in need of inspiration and brings to life the stories of a phenomenal group of people.

About the Author(s)

Beka Shane Denter is a Canadian features and content writer, who has used her knowledge, passion, and nomadic lifestyle to fuel her writing career. Her work has appeared in Elle Canada, Fashion, NUVO, Montecristo, LUXE, Ottawa Wedding, BUST, Women’s Surf Style Magazine, Today’s Parent, and The Inertia. She holds a bachelor of arts in English, a master’s in education, and a certificate in web writing and social media communication.


“There is power in our stories, as there’s no greater teacher than our own life experiences. When we have the courage and vulnerability to share them with others, there’s a ripple effect of learning, growing, healing, and inspiring those around us. That’s just what this phenomenal read does.”
—Nina Purewal, co-author of international bestseller Let That Sh*t Go and founder of Pure Minds
“Beka Shane Denter has woven a rich and revealing tapestry of stories from an eclectic group of people who describe the formation of their identities along with pivotal moments in their careers. These are enlightened individuals who won’t compromise their values in pursuit of wealth. They will dazzle readers with their candour, creativity—and resilience.”
—Tessa Lloyd, editor of Forty Fathers: Men Talk About Parenting and Registered Clinical Counsellor
“Beka Shane Denter delivers inspiration galore as promised through this beautiful curation of amazing creative people. Her Q&A interviews are compelling and capture each individual’s spirit, inspiration, and journey to their current full expression of self. I love that our beautiful British Columbia is the collective muse.”
—Jennifer Schell, author of The Butcher, The Baker, and The Wine & Cheese Maker series and the Delicious Life blog
“Honest and insightful conversations about the creative process help us discover who and what inspires the people in Bloom Where You Are Planted on their artistic journeys. Passion, perseverance, and resilience comes through from the author as well as the people who share their stories. By fulfilling their own dreams they give hope and a hand to others who may be wavering on the entrepreneurial precipice.”
—Pirjo Raits, author of Out of the Fire: Metalworkers along the Salish Sea
“With gorgeous photos and interesting questions, Bloom Where You are Planted showcases 50 people leading creative, authentic lives. Every story is different, but they are all grounded in purpose, passion, and contribution. I loved learning from them!”
—Tina Strehlke, CEO of Minerva BC