Born for the Wild Country

Big Feet and a Mouth to Match

By (author): Chilco Choate
ISBN 9781895811599
Softcover | Publication Date: May 1, 1998
192 Pages
$17.95 CAD

About the Book

Over a whole bunch of decades, Ted “Chilco” Choate has spun a full quota of trail guide yarns. Along the way he also learned to fabricate a line or two that would help get him out of a jam. With that in mind it seems fitting that Chilco offers his autobiography as “being more than 90 percent true.”

A seasoned big-game guide and outfitter, Chilco is equally well known as a conservationist. He has stood up to loggers, bureaucrats, politicians, and range lords at the biggest ranch in North America.

Chilco wanted wilderness from the time he was eight. John Taylor says, “So-called civilization and Choate could never mix without dire consequences.” His outlook on life was shaped by parents and teachers and to a great extent by the Hasler brothers, trappers from the north country who shared a shack down the road from his family home.

When Chilco did head for the hills, he took with him an innate talent that has blossomed with time. Here he pens stories about a boy who still lives at the heart of the wild country.

About the Author(s)

Edward Duncan (Chilco) Choate was born in 1935 in Chilliwack, BC. In 1952 he left home and headed for the Chilcotin country of BC. He tried cowboying but soon became a big-game guide and outfitter. During his years of guiding, he also became well known as a conservationist. He still lives alone on Gaspard Lake, a remote lake in the Chilcotin, and communicates with the world by way of a solar fax machine.