British Columbia and Yukon Gold Hunters

A History in Photographs

By (author): Donald E. Waite
Foreword by: Iona Campagnolo
ISBN 9781772030778
Softcover | Publication Date: September 4, 2015
Book Dimensions: 8.5 in x 11 in
264 Pages

About the Book

Although the 1848 discovery of gold in California was the first bonanza to trigger an invasion of migrants to North America’s Pacific Coast, it was relatively short-lived. Soon, grander findings farther north led to an even greater influx of gold hunters. In 1851, a twenty-seven-ounce gold nugget was found on Haida Gwaii, ushering in fifty years of gold fever that brought a wave of Californians to the Fraser River and then farther inland to the gold-laden creeks of the Cariboo.

In this masterful collection of stories, historical images, and handcrafted maps, Donald Waite celebrates the human quest for gold. In addition to the best-known stories of gold hunters—including those who participated in the Cariboo rush to Barkerville and the 100,000 souls who clawed their way toward Yukon—Waite introduces many lesser-known discoveries and characters who became legendary during BC and Yukon’s first century.

About the Author(s)

Donald E. Waite is a former RCMP officer, an established historian, and an accomplished bird photographer with over four decades’ experience. Waite opened a portrait studio in Maple Ridge, BC, in 1971 and sustained his passion for photography after retirement. He is the author of numerous books on birding and BC regional history.


"The narrative here is superb ... The quality of the photographs, and their selection is outstanding ... This book is a gold mine all its own, giving us new insight into the reasons why British Columbia developed the way it did. It is a gem, a vital resource for anyone with an interest in the history of our province." —Dave Obee, Times Colonist