Caring for Critters

One Year at a Wildlife Rescue Centre

By (author): Nicholas Read
ISBN 9781772033878
Softcover | Publication Date: December 7, 2021
Book Dimensions: 8 in. x 10 in.
128 Pages
$19.95 CAD
E-Book Price: $9.99 CAD

About the Book

A colourful, engaging, and educational profile of a well-established wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre, highlighting the heartwarming stories of animals and the people who care for them.

Critter Care is a cute name for a life-saving organization. For over three decades, the wildlife rehabilitation centre in Langley, BC, has rescued and cared for more than 50,000 sick, injured, and orphaned animals—from bears to beavers, coyotes to cougars, rabbits to river otters, and skunks to squirrels. Author and journalist Nicholas Read spent one year volunteering at Critter Care, helping to take care of the animals and recording the stories of every furry friend who walked, hopped, or crept through their doors.

Full of information, compassion, and a strong dose of social awareness, Caring for Critters is a month-by-month account of Read’s experience. Through adorable photos and true stories—some uplifting, others sad—the book teaches children and young adults about the dangers that animals face as humans destroy the environment and invade natural habitats, and encourages kids to get involved in animal welfare and conservation.

About the Author(s)

Nicholas Read is a retired journalist who worked at the Vancouver Sun for most of his career, and a journalism instructor who taught at Langara College for ten years. He is the author (with photographer Ian McAllister) of several bestselling children’s books, including Wolf Island, The Seal Garden, A Whale’s World, The Great Bear Sea, and The Salmon Bears.


“Abundant, eye-and-heart-arresting, color photographs and excellent layout complement the text’s call to action. Inspiring.”
Kirkus Reviews
"The strength in Read’s immersive narrative, research, and observation-driven story will certainly lead young animal lovers, with some guidance, to think deeply about the ethical ways we can co-exist with our wild neighbours."
—Quill & Quire
"Filled with emotionally uplifting and inspiring true stories of rescued animals, as well as the harsh realities that some of them face, Caring for Critters provides a glimpse into the fascinating world of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. This utterly engaging and informative book is a must-have for every wildlife lover, young and old."
—Rob Laidlaw, author of The Dog Patrol and founder of Zoocheck
"A hitch-hiking marmot, a river otter needing dentures, and an overweight squirrel named Meatloaf are just three of the charming characters in Nicholas Read's delightful and informative book about the Critter Care Wildlife Rescue Centre. A wonderful contribution to efforts to conserve wildlife in British Columbia."
—Ann Eriksson, author of Bird's-Eye View: Keeping Wild Birds in Flight and Dive In! Exploring Our Connection with the Ocean
"The humans in Caring for Critters are as endearing as the animals themselves, who have usually been harmed by other humans. Working long hours in difficult conditions, they nurse the orphaned and injured, giving them the best possible chance for a healthy return to the wilderness."
—Merrie-Ellen Wilcox, award-winning author of Nature Out of Balance: How Invasive Species Are Changing the Planet