Guts and Go Overtime

More Great Saskatchewan Hockey Stories

By (author): Calvin Daniels
ISBN 9781894974028
Softcover | Publication Date: May 1, 2005
Book Dimensions: 5.5 in x 8.5 in
224 Pages

About the Book

Saskatchewan is hockey. The only activity more pervasive is farming, and often the two are combined when farmers play hockey for their community teams. As Calvin Daniels discovered when researching and writing the first Guts and Go (2004), hockey is so intertwined with everyday life in this province that hockey stories are much more than the retelling of games and tournaments. Indeed, they are every bit as much about the people and the province as they are about the game. It all adds up to some pretty entertaining stories, not only of the well-known stars who ply their skills in pro leagues, but also the local players and teams who bring excitement and pride to communities across the province.

Whether it’s a great event like the Moosomin Moose playing marathon hockey to set a Guinness World Record and raise money for a new town hospital or the exciting play of Shaunavon’s Rhett Warrener of the Calgary Flames, readers will discover that Guts and Go Overtime is written for anyone, young or old, who enjoys hockey and good stories, regardless of where they live.

About the Author(s)

Calvin Daniels is a writer with Yorkton This Week and an avid sports fan. His first book, Skating the Edge, a collection of hockey fiction, was published in 2001.


Though Guts and Go Overtime may resonate more with Saskatchewanians, ardent hockey fans anywhere will still find it informative, enjoyable reading. —Dave Jenkinson, Canadian Book Review Annual