Lost Nuke

The Last Flight of Bomber 075, Revised Edition

By (author): Dirk Septer
ISBN 9781772031287
Softcover | Publication Date: May 27, 2016
Book Dimensions: 6 in x 9 in
224 Pages

About the Book

“A story seemingly drawn out of a Hollywood action script…Gripping stuff.”—Canada’s History

Just before midnight on February 13, 1950, three engines of a US Air Force B-36 intercontinental bomber caught fire over Canada’s northwest coast. The crew jumped, and the plane ditched somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Almost four years later, the wreck of the bomber was found accidentally in a remote location in the coastal mountains of British Columbia, three hours’ flying time in the opposite direction of where it was supposed to have crashed.
After years of silence, the United States finally admitted to losing its very first nuclear bomb; the incident was its first Broken Arrow, the code name for accidents involving nuclear weapons. But was the bomb dropped and exploded over the Inside Passage, or was it blown up at the aircraft’s resting place in the mountains? This Cold War–era tale follows the last flight of bomber 075 and attempts to unravel the real story behind more than fifty years of secrecy, misdirection, and misinformation.

About the Author(s)

Dirk Septer is an aviation historian and photographer who focuses on the West Coast and Canadian Arctic. He was the lead investigator in the television documentary Lost Nuke, which first aired on the Discovery Channel in 2004. Dirk lives on Cortes Island, BC.


"In Lost Nuke, aviation historian Dirk Septer does an admirable job of pulling the story together in a fashion that’s both informative and enjoyable." —Mark Collin Reid, Canada's History
"A diver may have discovered a nuke that's been missing off the coast of B.C. since the Cold War." (2016) —Huff Post