Magical Beings of Haida Gwaii Colouring and Activity Book

Illustrated by: Alyssa Koski, Judy Hilgemann
ISBN 9781772033854
Softcover | Publication Date: April 19, 2022
Book Dimensions: 8.5 in. x 11 in.
48 Pages

About the Book

Featuring beautiful images of ten Haida Supernatural Beings, this colouring and activity book introduces children to ancient narratives that promote living in harmony with the natural world.

With gorgeous, detailed colouring pages depicting ten strong female figures from ancient Haida narratives, this colouring and activity book is an engaging way for children to express their creativity and learn to connect with the land, sea, and sky. Developed by renowned Haida activist, lawyer, performer, and artist Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson and Haida educator Sara Florence Davidson, this book is a companion to the bestselling picture book Magical Beings of Haida Gwaii, though it can be used independently—either for fun or as part of an educational curriculum for early primary grades. Each image is accompanied by a poem and a series of questions or writing prompts, teaching children about the symbolism contained in the images and the qualities each magical being represents.

About the Author(s)

Alyssa Koski is an illustrator and member of the Kainai Nation. She holds a BA in Visual Communications from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Koski is the recipient of the Janet Mitchell Award and the Harley Brown Artistic Endowment and the winner of the 2017 Applied Arts Magazine design award.

Sara Florence Davidson (sgaan jaadgu san glans) is a Haida/Settler Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. She completed her PhD in Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia, and her research focuses on Indigenous pedagogies, literacies, and stories. With her father, she is the co-author of Potlatch as Pedagogy: Learning through Ceremony and the Sk’ad’a Stories, a picture book series which is based on family stories and highlights Indigenous pedagogies and intergenerational learning. Sara is passionate about reading, writing, and listening to stories. She lives on unceded Stó:lō Territories with her partner and their two dogs.

Judy Hilgemann is a first-generation Canadian artist and illustrator with roots in Norway, Sweden, and England. She has lived on Haida Gwaii for many years. Hilgemann’s work reflects her deep reverence for the natural world

Jaad Tl’aaw, Paula Varnell belongs to an unbroken line of Haida weavers and language speakers. She is the owner of The House of Haida Weavers, the Program Coordinator for the Skidegate Haida Language Nest, a member of the Skidegate Haida Immersion Program, and an apprentice in the Skidegate Haida Mentor Apprentice Program. Paula holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Northern British Columbia, with a two-year concentration in Haida language and culture. In the continuation of her great naanii, Ilst’ayaa, Selina Adams Peratrovich’s legacy, she provides traditional Haida weaving and harvesting immersion experiences on Haida Gwaii with her naanii, Ilskyalas, Delores Churchill and mother, X̱iihliiḵingang, April Churchill.

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson is a multi-award-winning Haida musician, an artist, and a lawyer, well known for her work in Indigenous-environmental law and as a keeper of traditions. She is the author of Out of Concealment: Female Supernatural Beings of Haida Gwaii, and co-author of Magical Beings of Haida Gwaii and Magical Beings of Haida Gwaii Colouring and Activity Book. Born and raised in Haida Gwaii, Terri-Lynn has dedicated herself to the continuation of Haida culture. On the front lines of Indigenous Rights, she strives to open new vistas to her audiences rooted in Indigenous world views, Haida language and laws, music, and oral traditions, and branches out to explore their relevance to contemporary society.


Magical Beings of Haida Gwaii is a gentle, powerful collection of words and pictures, stories that hold knowledge, teachings, and traditions for the generations of today and the future. A must-read for those who live on the beautiful island of Haida Gwaii, and any Canadian who wants to learn about one of the many vital Indigenous cultures across Turtle Island.”
—David A. Robertson, winner of the Governor General’s award for When We Were Alone
“This book is both gorgeous and profound. A true masterpiece.”
—Monique Gray Smith
"An absolute treasure and honouring for the Haida People and for Haida Gwaii, and a marvel of devotion for the world to learn from. Oh I love this book so much! I am in awe of Magical Beings of Haida Gwaii. Every Nation deserves a book as gorgeous and as healing as this one.”
—Richard Van Camp, award-winning author of Moccasin Square Gardens
Magical Beings of Haida Gwaii is an enchanting book born of a close relationship and understanding of how we see the world from an Indigenous perspective. There is an intrinsic value to stories recorded from the most natural of primary sources, our families. Terri-Lynn and Sara Davidson have given us a lesson on how to value our Indigenous magical beings as we all have them.”
—Naa-Jing-Jada, Verna J. Kirkness, educator and author of Creating Space: My Life and Work in Indigenous Education
“The Supernaturals, the Magical Beings, have been here since the beginning of time and they are still here. With this book, children can become familiar with the Supernaturals so that they can become part of our natural ways again, as it was with our grandparents.”
—GwaaGanad, Diane Brown (honorary), Spirit Aligned Legacy Leader, Haida Elder