Medicine Paint

The Art of Dale Auger

By (author): Dale Auger
ISBN 9781894974752
Hardcover | Publication Date: June 22, 2009
Book Dimensions: 11.5 in x 10.875 in
176 Pages
$59.95 CAD

About the Book

One of Canada’s most evocative modern painters, Cree artist Dale Auger was a gifted interpreter of First Nations culture, using the cross-cultural medium of art to portray scenes from the everyday to the sacred and dissemble stereotypes about Indigenous peoples. Medicine Paint is a collection of Auger’s best work, reproduced in glorious full colour and reflecting the evolution of the artist’s distinctive style. Including a revealing look back at his life and professional development, the book is a stunning tribute to the master Aboriginal artist.

Auger uses bold, bright colours in his oil paintings to explore the intricate links between spirituality and the natural laws of the land. Birds, beasts and human forms are carried from the dreamworld onto canvas, their spirits channeled through his paintbrush and presented in brilliant yellows, mystic blues, vibrant reds and swirls of black. Infusing his subjects with energy, life and colour, Dale Auger masterfully presents scenes that are powerful, spiritual and inspiring. A bald eagle is majestic in flight against a bright blue sky. An elder makes a solemn offering to the Sky Being. Horses dance playfully in the frame for a sweat lodge. A warrior draws his bow and points it skyward.

“Dale Auger’s artwork is stunningly beautiful.” —Globe and Mail

“To show expression through your brush that comes directly from the Creator’s creative source is powerful. I truly feel blessed.” —Dale Auger

About the Author(s)

Dale Auger (1958–2008) was a Sakaw Cree artist and storyteller from the Bigstone Cree Nation in northern Alberta. He was born in High Prairie, Alberta, near that province’s second-largest body of water, Lesser Slave Lake. He attended the Alberta College of Art and the University of Calgary, obtaining a master’s degree in education and a PhD in education. Mwâkwa Talks to the Loon was named Aboriginal Children’s Book of the Year at the 2006 Anskohk Aboriginal Literature Festival and Book Awards and also received the 2007 R. Ross Annett Award for Children’s Literature.


"An exquisite new release . . . birds, beasts, and human forms are carried from the dreamworld onto canvas, their spirits channeled through his paintbrush . . . a stunning tribute to the master Aboriginal artist." —Western Native News
"Magnificent. . . [Auger] included short anecdotes or legends. . . that give fascinating background to his process and the symbolism inherent in the subjects." —Canadian Aboriginal Books for Schools
"The paintings of Dale Auger are strong medicine . . . a showcase of over 100 paintings." —Claire Cummings, Alberta Views