Queenie Jean Is in Trouble Again

By (author): Christine Read
ISBN 9781772034790
Softcover | Publication Date: April 2, 2024
Book Dimensions: 5 in. x 7 in.
224 Pages
$14.95 CAD
E-Book Price: $7.99 CAD

About the Book

The chaotic, confusing, funny, and inspiring story of ten-year-old Queenie and her mission to fit in and make friends at her new school while figuring out how to manage her ADHD.

When ten-year-old Queenie and her family move from small-town Ontario to a glitzy suburb of Vancouver, she is desperate to fit in and make a best friend for the first time in her life. With her creativity and bubbly personality, Queenie arrives at Western Canada Preparatory School ready to win over her classmates and conquer the world. But even before the first bell rings, she finds herself in trouble.

From always being late to talking out of turn to never being able to focus, Queenie stands out like a sore thumb, especially among the cool girls she wants to impress. Hardest of all, she has a secret. She’s been diagnosed with ADHD, and she hates how different it makes her feel. After struggling to navigate her new world, dreaming up ill-advised schemes to make the other kids like her, she must face her greatest fear of all: making a speech in front of the whole school that will show everyone her true self.

About the Author(s)

Hailing from small-town Ontario, Chris Read has worked as a piano teacher, camp counsellor, waitress, math tutor, chartered accountant, finance director, treasurer, and executive director. She is married and a mother to two grown children, one of whom has ADHD. After many years of working for and with not-for-profits and charities, Chris decided to return to her roots and wrote a humorous book for kids about a girl with ADHD. She lives with her family and their Labrador retrievers in a rural seaside community outside Vancouver and travels far and wide, as often as she can. She is a member of CANSCAIP and SCWBI.


“Enter the world of a spirited, neurodiverse fifth grader with ADHD . . . Queenie’s first-person voice, marked by rambling monologues and bursts of creative thinking, conveys her inner world and good intentions . . . Short chapters and comedic moments make this an appealing read.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Queenie’s ADHD, as well as her desire not to be defined by her diagnosis, are organically portrayed, and her adventures, her confidence in herself, and her upbeat life outlook make her an exemplary protagonist for Read’s joyful slice-of-life debut.”
Publishers Weekly
“In the inspiring novel Queenie Jean Is in Trouble Again, a girl shows that there is more than one right way to handle life’s challenges.”
Foreword Reviews
"The author beautifully captures both the universal feelings of a misfit and the unique characteristics of kids with ADHD . . . Queenie Jean is a new underdog hero to all creative, energetic innovators and disrupters who are poised to harness the strengths of neurodiversity and forge new paths."
Quill & Quire, starred review
“Queenie Jean's firecracker of a personality bursts right off the page of this warm, funny tale about ADHD and fitting in. She may be Trouble with a capital T, but her humour and good intentions shine right through, and (usually!) win the day. I was rooting for her, all the way!”
—Sally J. Pla, award-winning author of The Someday Birds and other novels for young people
“From the first page to the last, we root for Queenie, the feisty, funny underdog with a big heart.”
—Ellen Schwartz, award-winning author of Heart of a Champion and many more books for children and teens
“I tumbled my way through this lively, funny, heartwarming book, rooting for Queenie on every page. Queenie Is in Trouble Again takes readers deep into the daily struggles and triumphs of a kid with ADHD, while never letting issue eclipse character or story.”
—Maggie de Vries, writing coach, mentor, and the author of twelve books, including teen novel Rabbit Ears
“Compelling, relatable, and humorous, Queenie’s story is more than a mirror or window—it’s an immersive, authentic experience in technicolour ADHD thinking and actions. As determined and creative Queenie struggles to find friendship, she discovers how important it is to never stop being exactly who you are. Highly recommended.”
—Karen Autio, award-winning author of I Can, Too!
“Queenie's struggles are very relatable for many kids with ADHD. Her bumpy journey of self-advocacy, skill-building, and finding meaningful connections is both validating and inspiring!”
—Dr. Karen MacMillan, Registered Psychologist; mother of two daughters with ADHD; executive co-director of Foothills Academy in Calgary, Alberta (serving the LD and ADHD community)
"An entertaining read for all kids. Children living with ADHD will immediately bond with this delightful heroine, but all children will be able to relate to Queenie’s struggle to fit in, find friends, and be accepted for who she is."
—Heidi Bernhardt, founder of the Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada