Remembered in Bronze and Stone

Canada's Great War Memorial Statuary

Foreword by: David Macfarlane
ISBN 9781772031522
Softcover | Publication Date: November 10, 2016
Book Dimensions: 6.5 in x 8.75 in
192 Pages

About the Book

Remembered in Bronze and Stone evokes the years immediately following the First World War, when grief was still freshly felt in communities from one end of Canada to the other. This book tells the story of the nation’s war memorials—particularly bronze or stone sculptures depicting Canadian soldiers—through the artists who conceived them, the communities that built them, and, above all, those who died in the war and were immortalized in these stunning sculptures raised in their honour. A century has passed since Canadians were scarred by the loss of more than sixty thousand sons and daughters, who now lie in faraway battlefield graves. Highlighting more than 130 monuments from coast to coast, Remembered in Bronze and Stone revives a pivotal period in history that changed Canada forever.

About the Author(s)

Alan Livingstone MacLeod has a lifelong passion for history and hockey. Since retiring from the field of labour relations, he has transformed his passion into writing. He has published two previous books, Remembered in Bronze and Stone: Canada’s Great War Memorial Statuary and From Rinks to Regiments: Hockey Hall-of-Famers and the Great War, and has given a number of public lectures commemorating Canadian efforts in the First World War.


"In Remembered in Bronze and Stone, Alan Livingstone MacLeod presents a remarkable look at the many ways we honoured our war dead, and he explores the symbolism found in these often lonely monuments." —Mark Collin Reid, Canada's History
"Moving memorials of a horrifying war." —John Mackie, Vancouver Sun
"In the aftermath of a world torn apart by war, countless communities across Canada sought to pay tribute to their fallen by erecting war memorials intended to serve as a syumbol of eternal remembrance. Through his insightful writing and often hauntingly beautiful photography, Alan MacLeod traces the story of the soldier statuary these efforts left behind. Remembered in Bronze and Stone is a fine tribute and a call to current and future generations to ensure the preservation of these memorials." —Mark Zuehlke, author of the Candadian Battle Series and Through Blood and Sweat