The Legend of the Buffalo Stone

By (author): Dawn Sprung
Illustrated by: Charles Bullshields
ISBN 9781927527481
Softcover | Publication Date: August 14, 2015
Book Dimensions: 8 in x 10 in
32 Pages
$12.95 CAD

About the Book

Twelve-year old Hanata loves playing around the hills and riverbanks of her prairie home, but the young girl’s life is far from carefree. Everything is connected to the innii, or buffalo, which the Blackfoot people rely on for their food, clothing, and shelter. When a winter storm descends on the land, the buffalo disappear and the people begin to grow hungry. All hope is lost until Hanata has a dream that leads her on a search for a magical stone with the power to bring back the innii.

Also available in hardcover.

About the Author(s)

Dawn Sprung has a lifelong passion for storytelling and the outdoors. She lives on a ranch in southern Alberta, where the land and wildlife at her doorstep constantly inspire her. She is the author of The Legend of the Buffalo Stone (with illustrator Charles Bullshields) and (under her former surname, Welykochy) C Is for Chinook (with illustrator Lorna Bennett).


"This lovely story celebrates the culture and traditions of the Blackfoot Nation, and the plants and animals of their traditional territory. Beautifully illustrated—a delightful book for readers from age 4." —FernFolio
"The Legend of the Buffalo Stone depicts the interconnectedness that many Aboriginal tribes have with animals. Hanata, the heroine of this tale, is also a good example of a strong female protagonist. Recommended for ages 8-11; grades 4-6." —#WeHaveDiverseBooks Catalogue, Association of Canadian Publishers