Victoria: A History in Photographs


A History In Photographs

By (author): Peter Grant
ISBN 9781926613338
Softcover | Publication Date: March 15, 2010
Book Dimensions: 6 in x 9 in
112 Pages
$14.95 CAD

About the Book

James Douglas described Victoria as a perfect Eden when the Hudson’s Bay Company first set up its trade depot in what was then Fort Victoria. A few years later, more than 30,000 miners arrived, hoping to find their own Eden in a rich gold strike that set the stage for the tiny settlement’s growth into the vibrant city that Victoria has become. Using more than 140 archival photographs and an informative, easy-to-read text, Victoria: A History in Photographs tells the city’s story in compelling visual fashion, making this a keepsake for visitors and residents alike.

About the Author(s)

Peter Grant’s interests include Vancouver Island history, geography, tourism and vintage postcards. He is the author of several books, including The Story of Sidney and Wish You Were Here: Life on Vancouver Island in Historical Postcards. He lives in Victoria, BC, with his wife and daughter.