Wild Beauty

A Visual Exploration of BC

By (author): Al Harvey
ISBN 9781894974936
Softcover | Publication Date: October 23, 2009
Book Dimensions: 11.75 in x 9 in
128 Pages
$29.95 CAD

About the Book

In this visually stunning, richly informative portrait of British Columbia, renowned photographer Al Harvey takes readers beyond the landmarks of Canada’s westernmost province to its equally majestic yet rarely seen corners. Towering granite spires reach skyward in the Bugaboo Mountains. Breezes tickle the alpine tundra of the northern Rockies. Dryas blooms amidst the willows along the shoreline of the Gataga River. On foot, by paddle and from the air, Al Harvey has captured the majesty of British Columbia for all to savour and celebrate. Part travel guide, part geography lesson, Wild Beauty invites long-time residents and
adventurous tourists alike to journey to BC’s special places.

About the Author(s)

Al Harvey is a world traveller with a passion for geography and photography. He enjoys journeying by foot, kayak, bicycle, and small aircraft to wondrous places and photographing the human and natural phenomena he discovers along the way. At home in Vancouver, Al brews fine ales, plays hockey, and bikes around the city with camera aboard. Visit Al’s stock-photo library at slidefarm.com.


[F]ull of exceptional photos, beautifully reproduced, of this province’s soaring peaks, tumbling rivers and vast shorelines.—Judie Steeves, Kelowna Capital News
One of those beautifully presented books which make one appreciate this place we call home. —Pirjo Raits, Sooke News Mirror