Launch: Abalone Woman • Victoria

May 28, 2022 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
James Bay Community Centre, 140 Oswego Street Victoria, BC, V8V 2B1

You are invited to join author Teoni Spathelfer to celebrate the launch of Abalone Woman and the Little Wolf series at the James Bay Community Centre on May 28 at 2:00 pm.

Told with powerful imagery and symbolism, Little Wolf, White Raven, and Abalone Woman are First Nations picture books depicting themes of racism, trauma, and family unity through relatable, age-appropriate narratives. Hear author Teoni Spathelfer talk about her inspiration and family connection to the stories—and don’t forget to get your book signed!

• • •
Teoni Spathelfer is a member of the Heiltsuk Nation from coastal BC. Since childhood she has loved immersing herself in her own culture and learning about other cultures around the world. Spathelfer has worked as a publicist; a radio journalist, host, and producer; and an arts and music writer. Her documentary Teoni’s Dream, informed by her mother’s residential school experience, has aired nationwide on CBC Radio. Her photography has been featured across various media and sold privately. She has been blessed with three daughters and four grandchildren.

Little Wolf: A young Indigenous girl moves to the big city and learns to find connections to her culture and the land wherever she goes, despite encountering bullies and feelings of isolation along the way. Available in paperback and hardcover.

White Raven: Little Wolf, grown up with children of her own, moves to the country where her mother, White Raven, shares a sad story from her childhood. Available in paperback and hardcover.

Abalone Woman: A vivid dream teaches Little Wolf about courage and acceptance of those who are different, and inspires her to show her daughters and their classmates how to be proud of their diverse cultural backgrounds. Available in hardcover.