Pandemic Publishing

A message from Heritage House publisher Rodger Touchie

Since the COVID-19 announcements in March, Heritage House has adapted its operations to ensure staff safety and continuity of service to our customers and authors. When it became necessary for staff to start working from home, we opted to close our Cook Street Village offices and adapt to changing times. In collaboration with our fellow Heritage Group publishers, we established a central “command post” on the second floor of the Parkside Hotel, where we can receive mail and hold meetings in compliance with COVID guidelines. We are gradually moving many administrative roles to our distributor offices in Surrey, BC. If you are uncertain about any of our services, please send an email query to

While the pandemic has challenged our industry, I am glad to report that book sales seem to be holding their own. We especially applaud independent bookstores across Canada, whose efforts at creating new ways of doing business are transforming the book trade in positive ways. We also acknowledge the support of federal and provincial government programs that have allowed us to keep our staff fully employed and our publishing program intact.

Heritage House enjoyed many successes in 2020, with ten of our titles featured on the BC Bestsellers list, multiple award nominations, and a steady recovery in book sales following an initial decline in the second quarter.

I encourage you to watch this site for updates on our exciting list of new books for spring 2021.

We express great appreciation to all front-line personnel and caregivers and wish all a safe holiday season and a healthy 2021.